Floating Access

Delivering leading class Industrial Scaffolding services across the UK, Europe and further
Pontoons made from Scaffolding

I-Scaff Access Solutions Ltd can provide floating access via a Patented system which integrates tough plastic floats with standard scaffolding parts to make a wide range of pontoons and floating access solutions.

All pontoons and floating structures are built to a professional design that includes calculations for:
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Pontoon Hire
Bridge Inspections
Events & Festivals
Harbour Wall Repairs
Ship Repairs & Painting
Bridge Access & Repairs
River Maintenance
Dredging & De-Silting
Survey & Sampling
Pedestrian Bridges
Drilling Platforms
Suitable for Plant

Build System Examples

8 x 4 Pontoon

A small pontoon made with 5 x 8m 450mm lattice beams. Strong, stable and quick to build.
Size: 8m x 4m
System: 450/S
Deadweight: 3t
Weight: 3t
Deck Area: 32m²
Floats: x 16S

8 x 4 Pontoon

A medium pontoon with optional spuds and moon pool for drilling, dredging and sampling.
Size: 16m x 6.5m
System: 450/L
Deadweight: 18t
Weight: 10t
Deck Area: 104m²
Floats: x 56L

Regatta Marina

A temporary marina for events, race starts or regattas. This example includes a gangway and main pontoon (wide enough for a large trolley or pallet truck), finger berths, dinghy slipway and large floating hospitality area. We can also install water, power and lighting.

CS Dredger

A small, self propelled, cutter suction dredger with spuds, wheelhouse,hinged dredge arm and anchor winches.
Size: 8m x 4m
System: 450/S
Weight: 5t
Deck Area: 25m²
Floats: x 20S

River Ferry

Car and passenger ferry suitable for short river &lake crossings.Recessed ramps allow easy vehicle loading from a slipway or beach. Driven by chains in this example,or can be free flowing with engines and a raised wheelhouse.

Event Pontoon

Shown to illustrate the almost unlimited scalability of the ScaffFloat system. The pontoon shown is 50m x 30m and can support a large marquee, or in this case a stage, food trucks, pagodas, seating and an audience of 1,000.

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