I-SCAFF Are Proud Sponsors of Clint Walker Racing

May 6, 2020
Marketing Team

In a time where it’s now more important than ever to support one another, which is why the I-SCAFF team are proud to sponsor Clint Walker, professional motorcycle racer from Kinghorn, Fife. Walker has been competing in tournaments around the country for many years and has been very successful, exceeding expectations and always coming out on top.  

Since the global COVID-19 outbreak, it has become very apparent that businesses need to work in partnership to ensure that we all come out of this stronger. We urge you to support others in any way you can, whether that is by sponsoring their business, sharing a Facebook post or using their services. If you or any other business you know are looking for some sort of sponsor, do not hesitate to get in touch with I-SCAFF Access Solutions Ltd. and we can discuss different options to support and promote one another’s business.  

Feel free to drop us a message on Facebook to discuss possible sponsorship and be sure to like and follow our page, or contact us if you are looking for scaffolding solutions in the future. We service Scotland and North England and specialise in rail, offshore, commercial and industrial scaffolding.  

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